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Are you looking for digital marketing specialists in Detroit, Michigan, we are the people for you. Craig Anthony Marketing is a well-known digital marketing company that provides the best digital marketing solution to companies across Detroit.

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We are certified digital marketing experts who know what they are doing and know how to do it right. We understand the importance of a well crafted digital marketing strategy and work towards giving you the same. No matter what your digital marketing needs are, we can fulfill it.

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We web designers make websites for businesses. When you want something that goes with the overall image of your brand and represents your business well, get web designed from experts. Our experts make custom web design which is much better than templates you may find for free. Our professional web design makes your website more user friendly and faster.

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Our SEO strategy has helped websites to gain more traffic. With years of experience and content upgradation in our knowledge on SEO techniques, we have the become one of the best in it. We look into every minute details while optimising your website for any search engine.



We build a strong PPC or pay per click marketing strategy. PPC is a great way of getting maximum benefit at a short time from a reasonable investment.

If you want a reliable company to handle your PPC program, let us know.

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If you want a company that you can trust, come to us. We have helped thousands of businesses in Detroit to reach their goals. Our digital marketing strategy is constantly upgraded and keeps up with the modern trends. When you want to grow your business and reach the goals you have set for yourself, give us a call. We provide free estimates for all our services, call us today.


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